Qualcomm will make a smartphone this time


 Qualcomm, a world-renowned mobile chip maker, plans to launch a gaming smartphone. Technology analysts are speculating that the smartphone could be marketed jointly with Taiwan-based technology company Asus.

Asus and Qualcomm have jointly planned to launch gaming smartphones, but so far very little is known about it. According to a recent report from GSM Arena, the Asus-Qualcomm joint venture gaming phone will be able to utilize Qualcomm's powerful chip percentage and the experience of making Asus gaming phones. Also the display with high refresh rate, liquid cooling technology, large size battery will give more capacity to the customers in such specialized smartphones. This smartphone with excellent RGB LED lighting in the branding of Republic and gamers community may come in the market.

 It is thought that one of the main reasons for Qualcomm's involvement in building such a modern gaming phone with Asus is the acquisition of ARM, the company's long-time rival, chip maker NVIDIA. The move is thought to be a step towards expanding Qualcomm's Adreno GPU to keep pace with the Nvidia (ARM) Mali GPU chip used on Android phones. Qualcomm is set to unveil the newly invented Cortex-X1 Snapdragon 65 chipset in December. The announcement of gaming smartphones using the new chipset may come at this event, said the technology correspondent Digitimes.

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