Corona will detect the smartphone camera!

Corona will detect the smartphone camera!
Corona will detect the smartphone camera!


Corona's presence can be detected using a Smartphone camera.  The Indian media Hindustan Times has reported that scientists have discovered such a wonderful method.  This method was invented using gene editing technology called Crisper.  As a result, you can easily check the virus through the smartphone camera.

 While the whole world is struggling to cope with the second flu epidemic.  At that time the news of this fancy discovery came to the fore.

 Crisper, a scientist and University of California professor who previously won the Nobel Prize for his contribution to chemistry by inventing gene editing technology.  Jennifer Daudna.

 Virologists Melanie Ott and Daniel Fletcher were part of a team led by him that discovered the corona detection method on mobile cameras.  The researchers said they came to this conclusion after conducting tests on a number of mobile subscribers.

 A report on this has recently been published in a journal called Cell.  Where Nobel laureate scientist Jennifer Doudna describes in detail the use of gene editing technology in mobile cameras.

 Jennifer said that with the help of Crisper-based technology, the saliva sample was mixed with an enzyme called 'Cass 13'.  Which can identify the genetic material of the corona.  The mixed sample is placed on a device and attached to the smartphone.  Then if the corona gene is present in that mixture then the enzyme finds and isolates it due to the color difference.

 The Nobel laureate scientist said that the most modern method of corona test is RT PCR test.  Where the RNA in the infected sample has to be converted into DNA.  Moreover, due to the application of many chemicals, this process is quite complex and time consuming.

 On the other hand, the Crisper method directly identifies RNA viruses without altering any chemical process.  It will also save time.

 In addition, the new test kit will use the CAS13 protein that will mix with the RNA virus.  Then a kind of bright light will come out from there which will give a signal.  The mobile camera attached to the device will capture that light.  Only by understanding that signal can you know if there is a virus.  And the test result will be negative or positive will also tell the signal caught in the camera.

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