Sisimpur' comes in app for children


Photo: Collected sisimpur

 The popular television series Sisimpur has now brought the Sisimpur app version for children.

 The app has been open to the public since December 15 as part of the USAID-funded Early Childhood Mass Media project.

 This e-learning platform from Sisimpur can be found on the Google Play Store for smartphones, as well as browsed from the web.

 How to download:

 If you go to the Google Play Store on mobile and search by typing ‘সিসিমপুর’

 or sisimpur in English, you will see the platform and you can download it.

 The web version of this platform can also be found by searching the web or any browser by typing ‘sisimpurvillage’ or sisimpurvillage.

 The Sisimpur app for children will be a new way to connect with Sisimpur.  With the help of adults, children will be able to watch all the great videos of Sisimpur here, listen to stories, read books, draw pictures and play all the fun games.  And in this way you will be able to spend fun time with friends from Halum, Tuktuki, Shiku, Ikri and Sisimpur.

 Sisimpur app has been arranged with many stations.  All the videos of Sisimpur can be seen at 'Video Dekhi' station, children can listen and watch stories at 'Galpi Shuni' station, go to 'Read Story' station and read story books, Go to 'Eso Kheli' station and play all the fun games and 'Puzzle Melai'.  'You can go to the station and match various puzzles.

 A special station ‘Stay Healthy’ has been set up to raise awareness about the corona virus.  Here, children and adults will find videos, story books and a variety of creative works related to the corona virus.  Another station for mothers, fathers and child carers has been set up, called "Mothers, Fathers and Caregivers".  This station will have various information about child care.

 Early Childhood Development Mass Media Activity, Sisimpur is a four year project funded by USAID.  Under which 104 new episodes, public awareness advertisements, 40 story books and this e-learning platform have been created.

 USAID's development goals;  The issues of expansion of democratic institutions and practices, health, climate change and adaptation to the changing situation have been presented to the children in these events in Sisimpur.

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