The use of technology will increase in the new year

 The use of technology will increase in the new year

Tech golpo
Tech golpo

 The use of technology has increased in the global epidemic corona.  All the new technological innovations have come in the market this year.  It is expected that its use will increase manifold in 2021.  The future prospects of the technologies under discussion this year were highlighted.

 Video calling app: Zoom was the most profitable company of the year in Corona epidemic.  People have spent hours and hours in the face time of Microsoft team and Apple.  Only time will tell how much this trend will continue next year.

 Tech Event: However, almost all the tech conferences of the year have been canceled due to the Corona epidemic, which will be held virtually in different countries of the world next year.  Even the Mobile Congress will be held in Barcelona in 2021.

 Foldable phones and FiveG network: Mobile companies will come up with more new models of foldable phones in the new year.  The use of FiveG will increase along with the speed.

 Use of Amazon Robot: Giant company Amazon has grown its business in lockdown.  Next year, the use of robots in cargo and packing will increase in the company.

 Electric cars: Petrol and diesel cars are going to be banned in the UK in 2025.  So the demand for electric cars is expected to be at the peak of the new year.

 Home Automation: The use of smart speakers will increase in the new year.  Things like turning on and off the light fan with voice command may also become popular in 2021.

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