This time WhatsApp will also show ads

 This time WhatsApp will also

 likee, TikTok, Viber, Imo, Vigo and other social media, WhatsApp will also show ads.  Like all other messengers, this medium of social communication will look a little different without showing ads in the chat.

 WhatsApp ads will be displayed as a banner in a convenient place next to the chat box.  As a result, if someone doesn't want to see the ad, they don't have to script it separately.  And if you want to see, a separate link will open with a click.

 According to Wabatinfo, WhatsApp has recently brought Android and iOS 2.20.130 version of iPhone.

After updating, users will see new features and ads.

 It is heard that WhatsApp is going to change the terms of use and privacy on February 21.  One of the purposes of which is to increase the identity and engagement of the users with the app and their community without displaying advertisements for commercial purposes.


 Meanwhile, according to Visual Capitalist, WhatsApp is the number one app for sending instant messages.  As of October, they had 200 million monthly users.  The number of Facebook Messenger users in the second place is 130 million.

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