Google's new feature in screen sharing. Google Chrome


Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Google has come up with a new feature for Chrome users.  Chrome will automatically hide web popup notifications when sharing a screen with this feature.  Google authorities recently reported the matter in an update.

 Gadgets Now, India's technology news outlet, says notifications from Google Chat, e-mail and other websites will be kept secret during screen sharing.  However, the user will see where the notification came from.  However, all notifications will come up as soon as screen sharing is stopped.

 Google authorities say that many of us are currently relying on Google Meet and other screen sharing services.  Using the new feature will not disrupt communication as before.  At the same time, the risk of accidentally sensitive or displaying personal information during screen sharing will be reduced.

 Google's new feature does not require any special options to be implemented.  Users of several platforms including Google Workspace Essentials, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus will be able to use the feature.

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