Record of imo use of Bangladeshis in Corona


The audio-video app ‘imo’ has grown in popularity around the world as a means of communication between coronavirus infections.  The use of the app has also increased at a record rate among Bangladeshis.

 In 2020, Bangladeshi imo users made 9,600 million messages and 2,600 million audio and video calls.  Compared to the previous year (in 2019), which is 6.2 percent and 7.6 percent more than the previous year, respectively.

 On an average, every Bangladeshi imo user has used the app about 753 times a year, according to the emo authorities.

 The imo authorities released their annual report in a press release on Tuesday (January 19th).  This information has been highlighted in the report.

 According to the report, people's lives, work and communication have been disrupted in various ways in the Corona situation.  In these difficult times, the instant messaging app imo has played an important role through various positive activities including online communication, availability of information, entertainment.

 Today imo has released their annual report, which shows how Bangladeshi netizens have been able to stay connected with their loved ones using this app throughout the year.

 According to the notification, Bangladeshi imo users have sent about 9,600 crore messages and 2,600 crore audio and video calls throughout the year 2020.  Compared to the previous year, it has increased by 6.2 percent in messages and 7.6 percent in audio and video calls.  In 2020, on an average, every Bangladeshi sent about 753 messages or calls through Emo.

 Of these, 31 per cent or 3,000 crore messages of total messages and 56 per cent or 1,500 crore calls of total calls were international.  Which has served as a medium of communication for a large number of expatriates living outside Bangladesh.

 Saudi Arabia, Oman, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar are the five countries with the highest number of international calls from Bangladeshi imo users.

 In addition, about 130 million Bangladeshis have made group calls in 2020 and 12 million 7 million virtual party rooms have been created through Emo's interactive feature PlatoGather, which started its journey in 2020.

 For Bangladeshi users, Emo saved about 150 million gigabytes of data in video and audio calls in 2020, valued at about ৪ 144 million.

 Chris Hugh, Vice President of imo, said, "We are proud to share our favorite moments with a large number of people in Bangladesh at home and abroad during this difficult time last year."

 He added, "We expect something new in 2021 and imo will continue to provide local facilities and secure products and services through new innovations in Bangladesh."


 imo is a worldwide instant communication platform.  People from all over the world can easily communicate with each other through audio calls, video calls, games or multimedia.  With Emo's advanced communication technology and artificial intelligence, more than 200 million people in more than 150 countries around the world are able to successfully communicate with their friends, family or various communities in 72 languages ​​as well as share life events

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