When is the iPhone 13 series coming?

Naturally Apple has started working on their next iPhone series.  This series may come in the market as iPhone 13 or iPhone 12S.  However, Apple has not yet announced the specification, price or name of the new iPhone series.  However, courtesy of Tipstars, we have come to know some possible specifications of the upcoming iPhone 13 series at different times.  Putting them together, we will let you know today.

When is the iPhone 13 series coming?
When is the iPhone 13 series coming?

 How many phones can the iPhone 13 series have?

 Last year we saw the launch of four smartphones in the iPhone 12 series, which are - iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini.  However, recently it has been heard that the demand for iPhone 12 Mini is very low in the market and Apple may stop production.  In that case, in the iPhone 13 series, we can see the launch of the other three smartphones instead of the 'Mini'.

 iPhone 13 series launch date

 The iPhone 12 series was launched a little late last year due to Corona.  Although every year Apple launches their new series in September.  According to the report, the iPhone 13 series will be launched on September 7 this year as well and the phones can be pre-ordered from September 16.

 Price of iPhone 13 series

 Apple last year increased the price of the iPhone 12's base model by about taka 8,000 (99) compared to the iPhone 11's base model to add 5G connectivity to their iPhone 12 series.  Although we will not see any special changes like this in the iPhone 13 series.  So the price of this series may be kept around Rs 60,000 like iPhone 12 (unless ‘Mini’ is launched).

 Specification of iPhone 13 series

 According to reports, the Apple iPhone 13 series may have the much awaited 120 Hz refresh rate display.  However, both iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max phones will have this feature.  It will also have an 'adaptive' refresh rate, which will allow you to increase or decrease the refresh rate as per the user's preference.  Again, some tipsters have claimed that this series may have an in-display fingerprint sensor.  Only the iPhone 13 series camera will be more advanced.  This series may have a periscope camera, which will allow for more zoom.

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