You need to check before buying a new mobile phone

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is starting the process of verifying the validity of mobile phones on a trial basis from July 1.  In this case, before buying a new mobile phone, you have to verify the IME number through a short message.

 However, the mobile phones currently used in this process are not being turned off.  They will be automatically registered by June 30.

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 This information has been given by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC).

 The company has launched a program called the National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR) to verify the validity of new mobile phones used.  BTRC invited tenders in February 2020 to manage it.  In November of the same year, BTRC signed an agreement with an organization called Synesis IT for technical assistance in this activity after completing the tender process.

 Brigadier General Shahidul Alam, Director General (DG) of Spectrum, BTRC, told media that NEIR will be inaugurated on July 1 this year on a trial basis.  So far, it has been decided that the system will be piloted for three months.  Invalid set can be detected when turned on.  He said no one else can use the set without the customer's permission.  The stolen set cannot be used.  All in all, the government's revenue and security will increase.

 Market participants claim that 25 to 30 percent of smartphones are imported illegally in the country.  Due to which the government lost revenue of 1 thousand to 1 thousand 200 crore.

 Once the NEIR is started on an experimental basis, the IMEI of the mobile phone used with the customer's national identity card number and SIM number will be registered.  The new mobile phones that will be connected to the network after the commencement of the activities will be initially activated in the network and the validity will be verified through NEIR.  If valid, the mobile phone will be automatically registered and active on the network.

 The BTRC says that the customers will be informed about the mobile phones which are not valid through text message or SMS.  It will then be connected to the network for three months during the test.  Then further action will be taken as per the decision of the government.

 Meanwhile, BTRC has instructed to verify it in case of buying a mobile phone.  Therefore, from July 1, in the case of buying a mobile phone from any medium (sales center, online sales center, e-commerce site, etc.) must verify the validity of the mobile phone and save the receipt.

 To check whether it is valid, KYD <space> 15 digit IMEI should be sent to 16002.  The return text message will tell you if the mobile phone is valid.

 According to the BTRC, mobile phones legally bought or gifted from abroad will be automatically activated on the network.  After that, within 10 days, the user will be sent a text message to register by submitting information or documents online.  Once the registration is completed, the mobile phone will be considered valid.  Failure to register will result in the mobile phone not being considered valid and will be kept connected to the test network by informing the customer via text message.  Then further action will be taken as per the decision of the government.

 To register for this activity, the customer has to go to the website and register a personal account.  Then go to the Special Registration option and give the IMEI number of the mobile phone.  Upload a photo or scanned copy of the required documents (such as passport visa or immigration information, purchase receipt, etc.) and click the submit button.

 The mobile phone will be registered automatically if it is valid.  If not valid, the customer will be notified via text message and will be connected to the test network.  Once the trial period is over, further action will be taken as per the decision of the government.  The service can be availed by visiting the customer service center or customer care center of the mobile operators.


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