Largest Movie Download Server | BAS Network FTP - 2022

BAS Network FTP Server is one of the best movie download servers in Dhaka Mirpur. The IP Address of BAS FTP is which is its primary default gateway address. In this post, you will get full information about the BAS Network FTP server and also know how to access the BAS FTP.

Nowadays, the BAS network is a popular broadband internet provider with thousands of active users. Mainly this ISP company targets the Home network and corporate users. We check many forums and see analysis users feedback about BAS Network. Indeed, A lot of Users said that It has provided better service for its targeted users because all of its plans has built to think about those users.

Providing a satisfying service to users is a complicated thing for every single ISP Network. At this moment, Many new broadband providers have been born in the market which makes this ISP market more competitive. For this reason, BAS Network has built its own FTP server to attract more new subscribers.

BAS Network FTP

BAS Network has built its own File transfer protocol server for their subscriber. Which is known as BAS Network FTP. Inside the BAS Network FTP, you will get a lot of things such as Movies, dramas, tv series, and other media items as well. So, if you are using BAs Network Broadband internet connection and want to use an FTP server then check it right now.

Mainly, this fascinating server is made by using high-speed cloud hosting. At this moment a lot of hosting company available in the market but not all companies can provide equal services. However, BAS Network is using high-speed cloud hosting which actually produces high-speed download facilities. It means a user who uses the Bas network FTP server can enjoy a high-speed file downloading service.


To access the BAS Network FTP, you must need the default gateway address and without having the default gateway address nobody can able to access the BAS Network FTP server. Here we have built some buttons that will redirect your connection to the BAS Network FTP Server homepage.

BAS Network Tv Server

This Broadband ISP also has some tv servers and by using those tv server user can enjoy live tv channels through their mobile or computer device. Here we have mentioned some tv server which is supported by Bas network broadband connection. So, check out the server list form below and choose one from there and enjoy it as you want.

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