Morocco beat Portugal in the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

The Moroccan football team reached the semi-finals after defeating the Portuguese team. If the Moroccan team can play well against France in the semi-final and win, then the Moroccan football team will easily reach the final, so the Moroccan team can hope that the current performance of the Moroccan team can fight against any team. The Portuguese football team did not keep in the team from the beginning because of such a big footballer who behaved very rudely, the Portuguese team lost to the Moroccan team. 

If the Portugal team had been with from the start, Portugal would have hoped to win against the Moroccan team. However played a good game to win against the team many times in the field he played an attacking game with the Moroccan team but the victory did not come for and he left the field crying after the game. won the last world cup but his fans are always in the football world cup. He will miss with the Moroccan team that could have won if he had played from the start of the match.

The main objective of the Moroccan team to win: 

In fact, to play the quarter final match, Morocco and the opposing Portugal team played like a game in the field, the two teams gave a good game. But neither team could see the goal, then a good player of the Moroccan team played very well and gave the goal to the Portuguese football team and the Portuguese team went behind. 

But even though Portugal lost, their game was worth watching, they attacked a lot but the victory was not in their favor, so Portugal had to lose to the Moroccan football team. But the main reason for the Moroccan team to reach the semi-finals was their confidence, their strategy was very good.

Portugal team lost: 

Portugal lost due to lack of trust in their team or players Portugal lost yesterday's match with Morocco team. The coach of Portugal is responsible for this, if he had kept the big star of the world, with the team from the beginning, then maybe the match would have gone in the other direction, there would have been a hope for the Portuguese team to win. But the coach of the team made a big change by keeping a star out of the field, how do you expect the Portugal team to win. 

If he is an experienced player on the field, the opposing team Morocco players played football in the field with some fear. But the coach is the only one responsible for the loss of his team. The Portugal football team played with great rhythm in the World Cup. Looking at their game, it seems that the Portugal football team will reach the finals of the Qatar Football World Cup, but the Portuguese football team had to leave the quarter-finals.

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